mercredi, mars 12, 2008

Haneke - Qui veut être la mauviette?

Une bonne critique sur le dernier Funny Games proposée par un internaute anonyme sur le blogue de Helen (Arrête ton cinéma).

«Recurring Nightmare» dans The New Yorker


«Haneke seemed to suggest that recent cinema has cheapened such slaking of emotion into a near-pornographic fake: we are crazed and cheered by shuddering events that have no authentic claim upon our feelings. His solution, in “Funny Games,” was to teach us a lesson by refusing to offer any such arousal. One problem, however, was that the film itself inched close to the sort of exploitational detail that it was supposed to abhor—a proximity that only gets worse in this later version, which adds a definite carnal kick to the sight of the heroine being forced to strip to her underwear. »



«There is a shard of the punishing Teutonic fairy tale in everything he dreams up, and, if he puts the error of this latest film behind him, he could yet become the Grimm of the gated community, the chat room, and the gun club.

Only one thing stands in his way: the species known as the American male. Haneke’s best films revolve around the figure of a woman, either resourceful or remorseless—Juliette Binoche in “Code Unknown,” Isabelle Huppert as the sexual fanatic in “The Piano Teacher,” and now Naomi Watts in “Funny Games.” Whereas poor Tim Roth, who began his rise to fame as a blade-faced British skinhead, has been reduced by “Funny Games” to a fusspot—pathetically trying to blow his wet cell phone back to life with a hair dryer, in order to call the outside world. If Michael Haneke really wants to export his brand of panic to the United States, where it incontestably belongs, he’s going to need some leading men. But who will be brave enough to contact George Clooney, or Denzel Washington, and propose them for the role of a wuss?»

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