mercredi, novembre 29, 2006

Critique aigre-dou... aigre

Je suis tombé par hasard sur cette courte critique que je n'aurais pas osé écrire de cette façon mais qui rejoint pas mal ce que je pense de Dans Les Villes de Catherine Martin. Dommage, c'est le genre de film contemplatif que j'aurais aimé aimer.

Dans Les Villes
Directed by Catherine Martin
One can't help but wonder just who Dans Les Villes has been crafted to appeal to, as writer/director Catherine Martin has infused the movie with an unreasonably slow pace and an underlying sense of pointlessness. The story revolves around several thoroughly miserable characters as they attempt to get through their day-to-day lives. Martin kicks the proceedings off with an interminable sequence set inside a museum, and it's all downhill from there. The filmmaker seems to have a certain amount of disdain for her audience, as she's clearly not even remotely interested in offering up an entertaining or even interesting cinematic experience. As such, Dans Les Villes contains a surfeit of long, relentlessly tedious sequences that go absolutely nowhere - ie characters walk aimlessly, ride the subway, go shopping, etc - leaving the viewer with little to do other than daydream and count the reel changes. It's a shame, really, as the movie is actually fairly well made and nicely acted - though some of these characters are somewhat lacking in authenticity (the blind guy [Robert Lepage!!!] who takes pictures is a fairly good example of this). It's apparent right from the get-go that Martin is going for a Magnolia-esque portrait of loneliness, but since every one of these characters remains sketchily drawn (at best!), the film is distinctly lacking in the sort of emotional impact that Martin must have been striving for.

2 commentaires:

marmel a dit...

Merci pour cette trouvaille "honnête".

Mais "The filmmaker seems to have a certain amount of disdain for her audience", c'est un peu fort, à mon avis. J'avais plutôt l'impression qu'elle essayait de joindre son public sans succès.

Antoine a dit...

Oui c'est très juste, et quand on parle à Catherine Martin, on sait bien que c'est tout sauf du dédain. Ça vient quand même d'un anglais lointain. :)